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Ultimate Safety with AI-Powered IoT Solutions

agv safety
Forklift Collisions
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Forklift/AGV Safety & Accident Prevention

Ensure forklift safety and prevent collisions with Trio Mobil’s cutting-edge AI video analytics and UWB.

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dock safety
Pedestrian Entered
At 28 July, 15:50

videocam    Loading & Unloading Area

Loading Dock Safety

The loading process is safer with the utilization of AI and IoT Technologies.

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crane safety
Pedestrian Entered
At 28 July, 15:50

videocam    Danger Zone

Crane Safety

An AI-based video camera is located on the crane to detect moving objects & people to prevent accidents. The crane is automatically stopped when a pedestrian enters the zone.

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robotic cell safety
Protection Field
Safe Move Mood

support    Safeguarding Danger Area

Machine Zone Safety

The machine is automatically stopped in case of a person is detected by the AI camera in the defined dangerous zone.

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lone worker safety
Pedestrian Entered

phone    Emergency Button

Lone Worker Safety & Emergency

Improve safety for lone workers and provide emergency alerts by leveraging IoT and RTLS technology.

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Increase Workplace Efficiency with Cutting-Edge IoT Technology

agv efficiency
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Forklift/AGV Efficiency & Utilization

Optimizing fleet and improving efficiency by real-time forklift/AGV tracking, utilization reports, and workflow management.

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Employee Performance
2 March 2022
Department Performance
2 March 2022
Performance Scores
2 March 2022
Employee Efficiency & Tracking

Real-time employee tracking and detailed reports on how much time is spent in each area of the workplace help to increase productivity.

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asset tracking
Asset Tracking

Track the location and movement of the assets in the workplace with high precision, and maximize asset utilization and safety in real time.

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Unified Platform for All Solutions

Industry Leading Technology and Platform That Combine All Solutions
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Why Trio Mobil?

Expertise and Specificity
Expertise & Specificity
  • 100% successful application in over 2000 facilities
  • Unified platform for safety, real-time tracking (RTLS), and efficiency requirements
  • Single safety solution for forklifts, AGVs, loading docks, cranes, and robotic cells
  • Expertise in AI, IoT, and big data with over 15 years of experience
Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology
  • The only safety solution combining AI-based video analytics and IoT
  • AI-based video analytics for complex safety scenarios
  • Ultra-WideBand (UWB) technology with the highest accuracy and precision (10cm)
  • The longest battery life for pedestrian safety-related tags
Max Impact Performance
Max. Impact / Performance
  • 100% safety goal and complete accident elimination
  • 20% increase in intralogistics efficiency
  • Zero accident track record across all customers
  • 98% reduction in safety related near-miss cases

Global Coverage

Trio Mobil is a global Industrial IoT company with branch offices, distributors and after sales services in 35 countries. We are serving multinational brands with turnkey solutions all over the world.
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