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Loading Dock Safety

Ensure safe loading & unloading processes in loading
docks with TRUE-AI Camera

Safety with TRUE-AI

25% of all industrial accidents occur near loading docks, generating a high risk of accidents during loading and unloading operations.

Trio Mobil’s AI video analytics solution, TRUE-AI, ensures safety in loading and unloading areas, reducing human error-related accidents by automatically controlling the safety instruments.

ai camera

AI-Powered camera

Trio Mobil’s AI-powered Video Analytics Camera, «TRUE-AI» detects pedestrians and vehicles, and triggers outputs for loading dock safety.



TRUE-AI works offline and continuously monitors the area, triggering safety precautions within milliseconds.

alert system

Alert System

Traffic lights and Configurable Audio Alert System creates warning for pedestrians and drivers to prevent accidents. Sensors ensure door control.

Trio Mobil's TRUE-AI Technologies for Safety

human detection
Human Detection

When a worker is detected by TRUE-AI in the dock area, it is not safe for the vehicle to approach the ramp. In this case, audio-visual alerts warn the pedestrian, and traffic lamps turn red to notify the driver.

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human vehicle detection
Human & Vehicle Detection

As a truck approaches the loading dock, TRUE-AI detects the truck, and continuously monitors for pedestrians. If a worker is behind the truck or in the parking zone, it will trigger alarms and traffic lights to prevent collisions.

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vehicle detection
Vehicle Detection

When TRUE-AI detects a truck, the traffic lamp will flash green, indicating movement. Audible alarms let everyone know the vehicle is moving.

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vehicles dock
Vehicles at Dock

When TRUE-AI detects the vehicle at the dock, it gives audio-visual alerts during the movement by communicating with the electrical chock and hydraulic locker.

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loading unloading
Ready for Loading/Unloading

After the proper parking and settlement of chock or hydraulic locker, TRUE-AI gives the related triggers for door opening for truck access.

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Benefits of Trio Mobil's System


Edge AI Video Analytics

Ultimate Safety in Loading Docks with Edge Processing AI Video Camera


Tagless Detection

Forklifts, pedestrians and trucks are detected with AI Camera


Ultimate Protection

Zero Accident Goal in Loading and Unloading Areas

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Tailor-made Solutions

Personalized solutions to your specific needs

track changes

Plug & Play

Easy and quick to install

integration instructions


Setting alerts for specific cases and integrations with 3rd party systems

visibility off

Data Privacy

The data is stored inside the device

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Report & Analytics

With Gateway connection, safety statistics and small video clips for events can be accessed through Trio Mobil’s Cloud Platform

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