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Ensure safety and improve your facility's efficiency with Trio Mobil’s cutting-edge technology. Achieve maximum impact through Trio Mobil's AI powered UWB technology:

  • 100% safety goal and complete accident and collision prevention
  • Zero accident track record across all customers
  • 98% reduction in forklift safety related near-miss cases
  • At least 20% increase in intralogistics efficiency

After you submit your details, one of our Trio Mobil solution experts will contact you. They will schedule a session at a convenient time for you to listen to your specific needs and understand your challenges. Following that, our team will show how Trio Mobil can increase safety and efficiency in your facility.

Ensure safety and improve your facility's efficiency with Trio Mobil’s cutting-edge technology. ...

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Customer Success Stories

Trio Mobil has been selected as the vendor for BSH due to their excellent performance in POC trials, technical competencies, and global operation capability.

B/S/H's factory has heavy pedestrian and forklift traffic. With Trio Mobil's solution, a security system including 250 forklifts and 500 pedestrians was installed. Moreover, forklift-pedestrian and forklift-forklift accident prevention systems have been successfully implemented, as well as zone-based forklift speed control. It was ensured that forklifts and pedestrians would work safely together within the facility.

Ford Otosan factory and pedestrians entering these areas as guests.

The forklifts are operating on an area of 65,000 m2 in the Ford Otosan factory and pedestrians are entering these areas as guests. Forklift accidents have been prevented in both production and transportation areas. Forklift tracking system with RTLS technology was also installed and a significant productivity increase was achieved. The project was awarded in the Global HSE Competition.

In order to manage its Cold Chain operations in the most efficient way possible.

The Mercedes Aksaray Factory is producing state-of-the-art vehicles and has a complex manufacturing process. To ensure producing high standard and quality products, a precise indoor tracking system with RTLS technology was implemented. Thanks to Trio Mobil's cutting-edge RTLS technology, they can easily track trucks in each phase of manufacturing, obtain KPI's, and alert when delays or anomalies take place. Trio Mobil is the preferred partner in RTLS technology for this production-quality project.