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Employee Efficiency & Tracking

Improve the efficiency and safety of your employees with the RTLS system
High Precision Indoor Tracking for Increased Visibility

With high precision RTLS system, you can ensure that the operations proceed smoothly and efficiently by tracking the location of your employees in real-time.

The system determines which unit the staff members are in at any given time and for how long.

High Precision Indoor Tracking for Increased Visibility
Advanced Analytics and Reports for Improving Employee Efficiency
Advanced Analytics and Reports for Improving Employee Efficiency

RTLS system helps managers analyze and improve their current business processes with detailed reports and analysis.

The routes followed during the day can be replayed from the animation screen at any time with heat maps. Zone-based analysis can be carried out by creating virtual zones.

Optimizing Workflows and Processes

With the RTLS system, managers can :

  • Identify the most time-consuming tasks and areas of inefficiency in processes.
  • Discover best practices and fastest paths for process optimization and efficiency increase.
  • Define area authorization and can be instantly notified with the alarm system in case of authorization violations.
  • Increase productivity and profitability of operations with advanced data analytics.
Optimizing Workflows and Processes
Emergency Care For Employees
Emergency Care For Employees

In case of any emergency, it records the data about the last location of the personnel.

It provides emergency care for the workers with the emergency button. The affected person can request help immediately by pressing the panic button, sending an alert with their current position to the control room, and speeding up the rescue operation.

Moreover, the system detects the workers who remain inactive with sensors. In case of emergencies, the system creates an alarm for operations managers and ensures rapid intervention. Lone workers' safety is ensured with the RTLS system, too.



Benefits of Trio Mobil's System


Real-time Tracking

Real-time monitoring of your employee's latest location

battery life

Longest Battery Life

Rechargeable UWB / BLE tags up to 7 years battery life


Ultimate Protection

In case of emergency, instant alerts are created for notifying officials

rounded corner

Tailor-made Solutions

Personalized solutions to your specific needs

track changes

Plug & Play

Easy and quick to install

integration instructions


Setting alerts for specific cases and integrations with 3rd party systems

visibility off

Data Privacy

End-to-end security

customized report

Customized Reports

Customized reports for your business needs

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