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Machine Performance Management with IoT Technologies

The most critical issue for an efficient production facility is to ensure the correct use of resources and their optimum operation. The maximum efficiency of the machines which are the most important resources, the controllability of the production line, and the ability to predict maintenance & failure situations are the most critical issues for a business. The way to profitability and efficient use of resources in the production line is through adaptation to current technologies and digital systems.

Problems Encountered by Machines Not Integrated with Current Technologies

  1. Machine Failures

    Machine failure losses are defined as the failure of the equipment foreseen to be used within the production plan due to the malfunction or unplanned stoppage. Every machine may malfunction, but problems in machines that are not integrated with the right technology cannot be detected quickly and reasonably, and this may cause the operations of enterprises to be interrupted.

  2. Decrease in the Production Speed ​​of the Machines

    Speed ​​losses in production refer to times when the machines run slower than the Ideal Cycle Time. Low speed is not acceptable for some businesses as it is a significant performance loss. Among the most common reasons for losses due to speed problems; dirty or worn machinery, poor lubrication, or the use of substandard materials. Due to the failure of the machines to meet with the right technologies, the underlying causes of the problems cannot be identified and traced, decreases in the production speed are also quite possible.

  3. Process Losses of Machines

    Machining defects and process faults of the machines are significant losses of quality resulting in defective parts produced during production. Common causes of process defects include incorrect equipment settings, operator or equipment processing errors due to lack of technology integration.

  4. Sustainability Weakening of Machines

    Sustainable machines are types of equipment that do not pollute nature, protect natural resources, are cost-effective, and can also maintain reliable and healthy operations for employees, businesses & consumers in the long term. Ensuring the sustainability of machines is not possible without taking accurate actions through technology.

Machine Efficiency Tracking Solution with IoT Technologies

It is essential to determine and manage the performance of machines with IoT technologies in businesses because machine tracking has important benefits in terms of efficiently continuing the operations of the enterprises. The foremost of these benefits is that businesses' management can quickly make critical decisions about machines and processes. In addition, opportunities such as tracking production numbers and capacity planning, predicting maintenance & breakdown requirements also contribute to businesses.

What Does Trio Mobil Machine Efficiency Tracking Solution Offer, How Does It Work?

The benefits of Trio Mobil's Machine Efficiency Solution developed with AI-based IoT technologies can be summarized as follows:

  • Provides instant and retrospective monitoring of the parameters related to the performance of the machines via the management panel.
  • Checks whether the system works at full capacity or not, by allowing the tracking of production numbers.
  • Helps the business planning operations by sending notifications about the production level in real-time.
  • Allows efficiency analysis by instantly monitoring the activities of the operators responsible for the machines.
  • Provides digitalization and autonomy of the system by eliminating the need for manual data input and output by the personnel.
  • Accelerates and improves the processes by reducing the time losses in the delivery time of the products.
  • Ensures early detection and correction of recurring problems in the operations of the machines.
  • The start-stop information of the machines is obtained and the working time during the day is monitored by obtaining the information about the time they start working and at what time they finish working.

If you want to get information about Trio Mobil's solutions to increase forklift safety and efficiency specific to your business; you can visit our page and contact us.


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